Our Story

Our Story

In 2016, five friends came together to pursue one vision - building cutting edge IoT solutions that support people (and animals) in out of the way places, where traditional technologies (like wi-fi) won't cut it.

We knew that LoRaWAN® would be the future of long range low power IoT solutions.

Combining our world class experience across systems architecture, software, business development, firmware and device design, we were able to develop sophisticated software and hardware platforms to build end-to-end IoT LoRaWAN® solutions that can be delivered better, cheaper and faster.

Our Values

We believe that people's creativity and imagination should be the main drivers of value.

We look to empower people who know and care about making things better, who want to improve our communities, businesses, the environment, people and animal wellness, by utilizing new technologies to build solutions, which were previously constrained by the cost of legacy networks and devices.

We think that world class software and systems should be inexpensive, secure, open and flexible.