Making IOT real

IoT Ventures is a LoRa Alliance™ member.

For business

We provide a “one stop shop” for all of your LoRaWAN IoT projects:

  • Software: IoT Labs provides expertise and resources for designing, building and supporting scalable, high performance software you need for your LoRa projects
  • Devices: IoT Solutions sources, supplies and supports the latest LoRa devices from around the world
  • Engineering: IoT Engineering works with you to design, build and supply “custom” LoRa devices

For entrepreneurs

We help you get your LoRa solution and business venture to market faster:

  • Business Reference Architecture
  • Technology Reference Architecture
  • International partner ecosystem
  • Enablers - software and devices

For platform and network providers

  • Build your ecosystem faster

  • LoRa devices and solutions ready for your market

Contact us if you are looking to establish a LoRa IoT project, venture or network: