We support Entrepreneurs and Business Customers to work with farmers, local and regional Government, farm suppliers and farm industry groups to develop IoT LoRaWAN® solutions to support farmers while also protecting the environment.


Our partnership with Water to Milk provides modular solutions allowing dairy farms to build a full picture of how water is used across the farm, from water take to cattle troughs, irrigation to effluent ponds. Each solution features locally made IoT technology built to last on New Zealand dairy farms, connected with common-sense software. They combine to deliver practical insights that get maximum value out of your precious water resource while meeting your environmental goals as steward of your land.

Grain silo monitoring

We've partnered with GrainTec to build an intuitive platform, for farmers and feed providers to manage their silo and feed needs. GrainTec accurately measures the fill level of silos across farms, feed usage rate, and farmers need to order. For feed suppliers and distributors this means scheduled and automatic fill requests with accurate volumes. Feed suppliers enjoy longer lead times, better scheduling, and happy farmers.


We've designed animal tracking solutions for cattle using LoRa® technology.