Irrigation Management

Water to Milk's Irrigation Management solution helps farmers take control of their irrigation with remote oversight of their entire system. Farmers can monitor the health of their pump, the pressure on their water lines, detect leaks in the water line, schedule and automate valve operation, monitor sprinkler and pivot irrigation, and know exactly the volume of water applied.

Farmers can optimise their irrigation to remain within water permit or regulatory limits, making the best use of their precious resource to maximise pasture growth.


TankView enables tank owners and wider communities to better manage water usage through easy to use, reliable water tank monitoring and predictive data.


With BoatSecure, for boats in marinas or on moorings, you can rest easy knowing the BoatSecure App is constantly monitoring and reporting.

Remote wireless monitoring of bilge pump, batteries, shore power, GPS location and intruders. 24/7 status of key indicators that all is running well on board your boat.