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We help businesses grow with IoT

How we do it 

We provide a “one stop shop” for your IoT business projects: designing, building and supporting scalable, high performance IoT solutions tailored to your business needs.

We'll work with you to assess your business requirements, then provide you with LoRaWAN IoT capability quickly, cheaply and effectively, by designing and delivering a bespoke, end to end LoRaWAN IoT solution.

Give your LoRaWAN™ IoT project a Kick-start! 

 Looking to save time and money, improve safety, the environment, productivity or generate revenue from differentiated products?  

We understand the challenges of turning an idea into a fully scaled IoT solution that delivers real benefits. We have developed the foundations and approach you need to deliver value and start learning early.

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We're proud to support our Business Customers 


We advise on end-to-end solution design including business value, requirements and benefits


We design, build and support scalable, high performance software required for IoT projects


We'll work with you to design, build and supply “custom” IoT devices


We source, supply and support the latest IoT devices from around the World


We work with network coverage providers, so you won't have to 

We understand IoT distribution and can leverage our network of resellers 

Your IoT business project can be delivered faster, cheaper and more efficiently supported by our three core pieces of Intellectual Property

The IoTV LoRaFirmwareCore© and LoRaEquipmentCore© 

Built on the LoRaWAN standard and ST Micro library and a series of configurable Printed Circuit Boards and pre-certified components, the IOTV LoRaFirmwareCore© and LoRaEquipmentCore© provide the capability to develop and prototype new devices quickly that are well aligned to your specific use case.

The IoTV Business Reference Architecture©     

A structured set of tools, templates and a well defined set of techniques to understand the business drivers underpinning an IOT solution and design a scale-able end to end solution

The IoTV LoRaSystemsCore©

Based on AWS and React, the IoTV LoRaSystemsCore© provides an ‘off the shelf’ capability that delivers the core components required for all LoRaWAN-based IoT systems - including ingestion, processing, storing, publishing, administering - and enabling use case specific application development, including mobile apps.

If you believe IoT might help you meet your business needs, or you'd like to hear more about how we've helped other businesses with LoRaWAN IoT, we'd love to hear from you...