Partners and Customers

IOT is about connections and team work. Delivering successful outcomes with LoRa-based Internet of Things involves specialist expertise and capabilities. We are pleased to have the following Partners and Customers as part of our broader IOT ecosystem.

NB Smart Cities

Partner type: network infrastructure and solution
NB Smart Cities provides network infrastructure to enable smart city initiatives. We are pleased to work with NB Smart Cities to provide pre-built and customisable end to end smart city LoRaWAN solutions such as smart parking and smart water management to deliver immediate value from infrastructure investments.


Partner type: LoRaWAN device supplier
Elsys provides a range of state of the art LoRaWAN building management sensors including door management, room occupancy, desk status, CO2, sound and light sensors to help optimise the use of building space. IOT Ventures is pleased to be the Elsys representative for New Zealand and Australia, supporting access to and use of Elsys products stand-alone or integrated within solutions.


Partner type: LoRaWAN device supplier
PNI provides the renowned Placepod Smart Parking sensor, drawing on many years of expertise in magnetic sensing. IOT Ventures is pleased to be the PNI representative for New Zealand and Australia, supporting access to and use of PNI products stand-alone or integrated within end to end smart parking solutions.


Partner type: Manufacturing support
QuickCircuit provides small and large run PCA manufacturing services. IOT Engineering works with QuickCircuit has worked with QuickCircuit on several device projects.

Spark New Zealand

Partner type: Network
Spark is New Zealand’s leading telecommunications company and has been rolling out its LoRaWAN network since July 2017. Check out Spark coverage here [link to coverage map]. Spark offers a range of IOT solutions and services as well as its core network and hosts New Zealand’s only 5G lab IOT Ventures is a Spark partner and works with Spark on a range of initiatives, including strategy, device and solution design and build and use of Spark’s LoRaWAN network.


Partner Type: Network
Working effectively with partners is essential to deliver successful outcomes from your IoT We work closely with these partners to deliver scale-able LoRa-based IoT solutions:
Actility is the leader in LoRaWAN network solutions globally.

The Things Network

Partner type: Network
The Things Network supports tens of thousands of developers world-wide to build industrial grade LoRaWAN solutions on the Things Network’s global, open LoRaWAN network. IoT Ventures’s solutions operate on The Things Network.

University of Auckland

Partner type: Research partner
The University of Auckland is New Zealand’s leading university, undertaking the greatest depth and breadth of research activity in the New Zealand tertiary sector. IoT Ventures works closely with professors in the Departments of Computer Science, Applied Mathematics, Operations Research and Older Persons Health.

TMD Consultants

Partner type: Manufacturing support
TMD Consultants operate a commercial electronics Research and Development (R&D) facility which is active in the design and development of a wide range of high technology electronic products. TMD provides IoT Engineering with specialist advisory services.


Partner type: Software platform provider
AWS is the leading global cloud platform provider, delivering a range of leading edge technologies to support the advancement of the Internet of Things. IOT Labs is an AWS technology partner.

SSS Irrigation Ltd

Customer domain: Irrigation
SSS Irrigation Ltd is an innovative leader in solid set irrigation systems, delivering long throw radius, high water volume and soft watering for crop and pasture.

DHL New Zealand

Customer domain: Logistics
DHL is the world’s leading logistics company, providing a range of specialty services to customer world-wide.

Water Supply Products

Customer domain: Irrigation
Water Supply Products is New Zealand’s leading supplier of irrigation, filtration and control and effluent and aeration equipment. Water Supply Products represent IoT Water’s Irrigation Control Solution.

IOT Taranaki

Partner Type: Network and Resale of IoT Ventures’ solutions
IOT Taranaki delivers a LoRaWAN network to service the agricultural, farming and environmental communities in the Taranaki region and works with IoT Ventures to deliver a range of solutions.


Partner Type: Technology
Institute IRNAS in Slovenia is a world leading innovator offering complete consulting and development service of IoT solutions for specialised use-cases.

Access Networks

Partner Type: Network and Resale of IoT Ventures’ solutions
Access Networks provide a range of first-class networking, wireless and access solutions to customers in the Hospitality, Utilities and Telecommunications industry throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.


Partner Type: Technology
Edge Impulse enables developers to create the next generation of intelligent device solutions with embedded Machine Learning.

ANZ SmartCitiesCouncil

Partner Type: Industry Advisor
The Smart Cities Council provides advisory and support services and resources to smart city innovators.

Potter IP

Partner Type: Intellectual Property Advisor
Potter IP specialises in helping businesses to fully maximise their IP and works with IoT Ventures and its venture customers.

Ministry for Primary Industry

Partner Type: Innovation for Agriculture
The Ministry for Primary Industries is the public service department of New Zealand charged with overseeing, managing and regulating the farming, fishing, food, animal welfare, biosecurity, and forestry sectors of New Zealand's primary industries. IoT Ventures works with MPI on a number of innovation projects.

Outcome X

Customer domain: Parking
Outcomex is an award winning systems integrator, devoted to providing intuitive solutions in information technology, Australia wide.

Kew Consult

Customer domain: Water
Kew Consult provides water and engineering consultancy services in Samoa and the Pacific region.