Making the world better

Having been involved in a number of waves of technology and the changes each wave enable - when computers initially became affordable for businesses (1970s), when computers became affordable for people (1980s), to when all devices could interconnect (1990s), and devices became mobile (2000s) - we are excited by the new wave where Things can inexpensively be connected and communicate.

There are new opportunities to improve the: environment, wellbeing and lifestyles, asset management and utilisation that were previously constrained by the costs of legacy networks and devices.

We are emerging from a dark age of software where myths and FUD proliferated. People are now starting to understand that software and systems should not be expensive, insecure, closed, inflexible.

We developed IOT Ventures with the belief that people's creativity and imagination should be the main drivers of value. If people who know and care about making things better are enabled in the right way new things can happen quickly and inexpensively.

The following values drive what we do: