Engaging with integrity

Russ Evans

Cloud Systems Lead

I have worked with IOT Labs since September 2019 and with IOT Ventures’ founders since 2011. As Cloud Systems Lead I am focussed on leveraging AWS serverless technologies to build secure, reliable, performant and cost efficient solutions that support IOTV's LoRaWAN solutions and services. I have a keen interest in telemetry and machine learning.

Sam Munshi

Device Engineer

I joined the IoT Ventures in 2018 after finishing my degree. I have a BE (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Auckland. What I am most interested in is the application of Machine Learning and AI in IoT.

Kapo Tauranga

Engineering Lead

I joined IoT Ventures in 2020. Before this I worked in the telco industry as an operations engineer and in the material handling industry as a SCADA engineer.

Being able to work with technology that enables innovation and solving problems in new and creative ways are some of my favourite aspects about working in the IoT space with LoRaWAN.

Lee Kirsopp

Venture Analyst

I joined IoT Ventures in 2019. With a background in biomedical science and holding a Postgraduate Diploma in Bioscience Enterprise, I have been commercialising technologies ranging from biomedical through physical sciences and IoT for more than 5 years.

I am passionate about using technology to create solutions that help people and believe that IoT gives new opportunities to apply technology to old and new problems.

As a Venture Analyst with IoTV I work to understand market and stakeholders needs, and to design and deliver solutions that deliver real value.

Beryl Thomas

Software Engineer

I joined IoT Ventures while pursuing my Masters in Business Informatics in 2018. The things I enjoy about working in IoT Ventures are the freedom to experiment, flexibility and the work culture.

Anuradha Jayampathi

Software Engineer

I joined IOT Labs as a Software Engineer full-time in February 2019 after finishing my Post-graduate Diploma in Computing from Unitec. Before coming to New Zealand, I worked as a Software Engineer in Sri Lanka for 5 years after graduating from University of Colombo School of Computing Sri Lanka. I work with LoRaWAN, React.js, Node.js and AWS cloud services. I like to deliver innovative solutions to business problems and to think differently. Other than software projects I love to play cricket.

Andy Miller

Venture Analyst - IoT Water

I joined IoT Ventures in 2020, with a background in product management and business development. As a Venture Analyst I'm focussed on better understanding our customers' nuanced needs, so we can align our technology capability to deliver impactful solutions.

I'm passionate about how an IoT network can allow operations to undertake daily adjustments easily and receive direct feedback, with every small improvement compounding to build a richer and more efficient operation.

Rino Haddow

Venture Analyst

I joined IoTV in August 2020, with a BSC in statistics and psychology and am currently completing my post-graduate studies to work towards a master's in Organisational Psychology.

I have a background working with NZ digital startups, with experience across Digital Retail, eCommerce, Trade Finance, and Peer to peer industries. I enjoy building great customer experiences and taking business ideas that solve meaningful real-world problems from conception through to delivery.

Anton Khukarenkov

Junior Venture Architect

After completing my undergraduate studies in Information Systems, Economics and Statistics, I joined the IoT Ventures team in late 2020. I have a keen interest in utilizing analytics and machine learning to create a net positive impact to the world.

Lana Bouzaid

Admin Assistant

I joined IoTV in 2019 as a part-time Administrative Assistant. I have an overseas Law Degree (major Criminal Law) and Graduate Diploma in Business (HR).

Thomas Gross

AWS Infrastructure Engineer

Thomas joined IOT Labs in August 2018. Thomas started specialising in web-hosting and server management in 2006 and has worked with AWS since 2015.