Delivering successful results consistently

We make IOT projects simple. Many years of Systems Integration experience have demonstrated the value of working to a strong but flexible methodology. This is even more important in the IOT world where there are so many technologies and partners to chain together and orchestrate to get the results you are looking for.

  • Reduce the time, cost and delivery risk of getting an idea into the field for testing
  • Increase the likelihood of long-term success and delivery of value
  • Provide a scale-able approach that can be built on phase by phase - no dead ends

The diagram below reflects our phase-based approach to delivering a fully-scaled IOT solution.

This approach is enabled by three core pieces of Intellectual Property:

  • The IOTV Business Reference Architecture© - a structured set of tools, templates and techniques to understand the business drivers underpinning and IOT solution and express solution requirements and Critical Success Factors.
  • The IOTV SoftWare Framework© - based on AWS and React, the IOTV Software Framework provides an ‘off the shelf’ capability that delivers the core components required for all LoRaWAN-based IOT systems - including ingestion, processing, storing, publishing, administering - and enabling use case specific application development, including mobile apps.
  • The IOTV FirmWare and Device framework© - building on the LoRaWAN standard and ST Micro library and a series of configurable Printed Circuit Boards and pre-certified components, the IOTV FirmWare and Device framework provides the capability to develop and prototype new devices quickly that are well aligned to your specific use case.

Working together within the IOTV Solution Development Approach© , the IOTV Business Reference Architecture© , IOTV Software Framework© and IOTV FirmWare and Device Framework© deliver the results you are looking for.