Health, Aging and
Health, Aging and Wellness Wellness
Health, Aging and Wellness 
BeSure provides a set of services designed to help a Person with Dementia live independently at home for as long as possible, and a Person who Cares be sure that they are ok.  Visit for more information


                                      PillSmart – Improve medication adherence with PillSmart.  Come back shortly for more information.

rance, assets, facilities


BoatSecureBoatSecure - Protecting your boat from damage or loss when on mooring or berth. Visit for more information.

Environmental Mana

                                                                                      Watch this space – innovation under way

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and Forestry
HiveSafe is a monitoring and alerting solution for beehive owners that detects unauthorised movement of hives and notifies  the owner, also helping them track the location of a hive. Find out more at