Enabling all aspects of your LoRa project in design, build, implement and operate phases.

Getting beyond a LoRa ‘proof of concept’ and delivering real value from LoRa within the context of your enterprise takes more than a pretty graph!

IoT Labs specialises in the design and delivery of scalable, high performance LoRa solutions that add value to your business.  Our scalable platform, coupled with an agile, design-driven approach, integration and mobile expertise means LoRa becomes a part of your business and extends as you need it to.  

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Getting the LoRa device you need at the right volume and price is key to delivering long-term value from your LoRa initiatives.  

IoT engineering provides the capability you need to design, build, manufacture at volume and support the devices you want to fit your own environment.

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We represent many of the proven off-shore solution and device manufacturers. Why reinvent the wheel? You can avoid the stress and risk by using devices and solutions that already work overseas.

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