IoT is about Things to be connected to the internet (in the way that today most people are connected to the internet). Things are a little different from people:

·         they are vastly less valuable

·         they are often smaller

·         they are far more numerous

·         they don't have as much to say

·         they often need to operate away from power sources for extended periods of time.

With “Things” there is a greater focus on measuring and monitoring. There is also a focus on activating things (switching on, off, up, down, etc.).

LoRaWAN uses a spectrum that allows anyone to establish a network (unlike mobile networks, which are effectively locked-up by Telcos) so it is far cheaper than mobile networks. It is well suited to measurement/ monitoring/ activating devices that are: significant less expensive than smartphones or laptops, may be smaller than phones/laptops, don't have as much to say and can operate on batteries  for extended periods of time.